Little Big Secretary Services is a registered filing agent with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). We provide integrated business solutions to companies. We serve local as well as overseas clients in their corporate secretarial requirements. Our services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Company Incorporation Services
  • Corporate Secretary Services
  • Corporate Accounting Services
  • Corporate Tax Services
  • Company Payroll Services
  • Grant Consultancy and Application Services
  • Office Setup and Office Relocation Services
  • Corporate Financing Services

Our Packages

For new and existing companies

Annual Corporate Package

  • Maintaining of Company Register
  • Maintaining of Company Meeting Minute Books
  • Preparation of Annual General Meeting Notice
  • Filing of Company Annual Returns to ACRA (Excludes $60 payable to ACRA)
  • Corporate Secretarial Compliance Advisory
  • Filing Due Dates Reminder
  • Provide a Named Secretary as Mandated by ACRA

Incorporation of Company Package

$400One Time
  • ACRA Company Name Check
  • ACRA Company Name Registration
  • Company Constitution
  • Company Business Profile
  • 1 Share Certificate
  • Assistance in Opening Company Bank Account

Registered Office Package

  • Provide a Registered Office for the Company
  • Mail Forwarding Services
  • Mail Collection Services
  • Online Depository System

Features of Annual Corporate Package

  • The Annual Corporate Package is sufficient for most companies with regards to the essential requirements mandated by law.
  • This package is for companies that are already incorporated and are looking to appoint a Corporate Service Provider (CSP) or are looking to our company as their CSP.
  • A named secretary will be provided. Correspondence and advisory on company matters is via email and WhatsApp. Queries will be replied by the named secretary for your company or a representative from our company.

Features of Incorporation of Company Package

  • One time payment for those looking to incorporate a Singapore company.
  • Incorporate your Singapore company within 1 hour.
  • Model constitution will be used for incorporation.
  • Additional share certificates will be charged at $100 per share certificate.
  • Price is for a single local director and shareholder (natural person or entity). We may levy an additional $100 per additional local director and shareholder and an additional $200 per foreign director and shareholder (natural person or entity).

Features of Registered Office Package

  • Our registered office is located in Orchard Road.
  • Mails are forwarded every Monday. If a Monday falls on a public holiday, the mail will be forwarded the next working day.
  • Mail collection at our office is from 10 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.


Ensure a procedure that is free of hassles and errors when you need to set up a local company. We provide the expertise to assist and advice in a cost-effective and timely manner so that you can focus on other business matters.


Singapore is an ideal destination for setting up a company. We assist overseas clients in setting up and managing companies in Singapore. We are also familiar with setting up and maintaining offshore companies. If you are a foreigner and are looking to set up a company in Singapore or if you are looking to set up offshore companies, we are well equipped to do the job for you.

Some requirements when overseas clients set up a company in Singapore include:

  • ACRA-approved company name
  • At least one local resident director (If you do not have a resident director you may use our nominee director services)
  • At least one shareholder (maximum 50 shareholders)
  • A local company secretary
  • A local registered address
  • An incorporation agent

In Singapore, every company has to have a local resident director. This director can be a Singaporean, a Singapore Permanent Resident or a foreigner with a valid pass who is residing in Singapore. If you do not have a local director, you may use a nominee director to fulfil this position.
Our nominee director services start from $200 a month or $2,000 per annum. There will be a $3,000 refundable deposit. This deposit will be refunded to the client within 7 working days after the termination of the nominee director service. A reduced deposit will be accepted if the accounts are done in-house.
Please note that monthly bank statements are to be sent to our firm’s mailing address. We reserve the right to resign or strike off the company if there are suspicious transactions in the bank statements. If the company is struck off by our firm, the refundable deposit, less any costs and outstanding fees, will be refunded 4 months after the striking off date.

Other Fees

In line with promoting a more transparent fee structure, this is our firm’s fees for non-routine services. Please note that this list is not exhaustive.

ServiceExisting ClientsNon-Exisiting Clients
Bookkeeping Services (50 transactions or less a month)$200 monthly$200 monthly
Bookkeeping Services (51 to 100 transactions a month)$350 monthly$350 monthly
Bookkeeping Services (101 to 200 transactions a month)$500 monthly$500 monthly
Bookkeeping Services (More than 200 transactions a month)Enquire for a quoteEnquire for a quote
Preparation of Unaudited Financial StatementsFrom $300From $300
Preparation of Unaudited Financial Statements in XBRL Format (Includes a set of Financial Statements and the XBRL file which will be uploaded to BizFinX)From $500From $500
Annual Return Filing (Includes the filing fee payable to ACRA)$160$300
Preparation and Filing of Director's Resolution$100$200
Preparation and Filing of Annual General Meeting DocumentsFree$300
Preparation and Filing of Extraordinary General Meeting Documents$300$450
Registration of GST$250$300
Registration of Trademark (includes IPOS fees)$780 (per trademark per class)$880 (per trademark per class)
Corporate Tax Filing$150$250

Opening of Corporate Bank Account

Every company requires a corporate bank account. We can assist in the opening of the corporate bank account with the various banks in Singapore. The corporate bank account can be tailored to suit your company’s needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to appoint Little Big Secretary Services as my corporate service provider. Which packages should I sign up for?

You should sign up for the Annual Corporate Package as that covers just about all the requirements you need to fulfil as mandated to law. If you require a registered office, you should add on the Registered Office Package.

I want to start a company. How can I start?

You can engage Singapore Secretary Services to assist you in incorporating your company. You will need the Incorporation of Company Package and if you are engaging us as your corporate service provider, you will need to add on the Annual Corporate Package. If you need a registered office, you will need to add on the Registered Office Package.

Is there a need to hire a professional corporate secretary to handle my company matters?

You can hire anyone to be the secretary of your company. It is mandated by law that every company needs to have an appointed within 6 months of incorporation. However, company matters may be complex and if they are not handled properly your company may be in breach of certain regulations. It is important to adhere to the Companies Act as well as the Constitution of your company when dealing with company matters.

I am not a Singaporean. Can I incorporate a company and what are the costs involved?

Foreigners can start companies in Singapore. However, every company requires a local director although shareholding of a Singapore company can be 100% foreign. A foreigner may apply for a valid employment pass to work as the local director or else the company may need to hire a nominee director. You may send us an email at [email protected] with your requirements and we can advise you further.

Do you do incorporation of offshore companies?

Yes, we do. For the incorporation of offshore companies, the process is slightly different. We will have to give you a separate quotation with regards to the costs involved. You may drop us an email at [email protected].

Do you do incorporation of variable capital companies?

Yes, we do. For the incorporation of variable capital companies, the process is also slightly different. You can engage your own fund manager and law firm or you can engage our preferred fund manager and law firm. We will have to give you a separate quotation with regards to the costs involved. You may drop us an email at [email protected].

How does your virtual registered office work?

We are working with an external vendor (EasilyCorp.com) to digitize all corporate documents. You will be given an online login to access all your corporate documents. Letters that we receive on your behalf will be deposited in the online depository system.

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