Hi there,
In collaboration with Little Big Red Dot Pte Ltd, I will be working on a series of videos for my personal portfolio of clients. I would like to feature my clients and their companies and products in a short video showcasing their business. I will place these videos on YouTube and feature them on our company’s website and various associated website. Both you and I can share these videos with our contacts to gain more exposure for what we both do. In turn, we will also send out these videos to our network of clients. There may be collaborative efforts between our company’s network and your company.
In short, the Client Video Feature is an initiative from my company and I am only requesting about an hour of your time for us to visit your office or place of business, do an interview with you, take some photos and videos of your products (if applicable) and generally get to know more about your business. We will be doing this initiative at our own cost. All we request is for your time and perhaps some very simple preparation by going through the questions beforehand. You do not have to do anything to the setting. We would like to have a casual video. Something less scripted seems more genuine and welcoming these days.
Here are the questions which we will be asking during the Client Video Feature interview.
[Yourself] could you tell us a bit about yourself and your company?
What made you start the company?
What were some of the challenges you faced when you first started the company?
Who are your main customers?
What are your expansion plans for the company moving forward?
From here we would like to do a short product feature. Could we feature two to three products? This portion will be extremely casual. Do try to feature a star product or service. If possible you could provide an offer for people who are viewing the video.
Thank you for your time. If anyone is keen to know more about your products, how can they contact you?
I will leave your contact details as well as a link to [your company]’s website in the video description below.
Yours sincerely,
Daryl Lum
+65 8222 2886
[email protected]
Video filming and editing will be done by Kevin
[email protected]