Over SGD$5.5 billion will be paid out in the next tranch of payments under the Jobs Support Scheme (JSS). This will be made out to more than 140,000 employers for the wages of over 1.9 million employees. The payouts will be made from October 29th onwards. This latest payout will be for wages paid to local workers from June to August 2020.

With this latest round of payouts, the total amount disbursed by the Singapore government under the scheme will cross the SGD$21.5 billion mark. The JSS wage subsidy applies to the first SGD$4,600 of gross monthly wages paid to each Singaporean or permanent resident employee.

Employers in the aviation, tourism and built environment sectors will get 75% wage support.

Employers in the food services, retail, arts and entertainment, land transport and marine and offshore sectors will get 50% support.

Employers in all other sectors will get 25% support.

Eligible employers will be notified of their payout amount by post or alternatively, they can log on to IRAS’ myTaxPortal to view an electronic copy of the letter.

Those with PayNow Corporate or Giro arrangements can expect to receive their payouts from the 29th of October 2020. Otherwise, they will receive their payouts in the form of cheques from the 4th of November onwards.


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