This is an announcement that all company officers should have received via email. We are reproducing this email to help get this message out to all companies.

Dear Sir / Madam,

1. As announced under Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) on 16 May 2021, work-from-home will be the default at workplaces. Employers must ensure that employees who are able to work from home do so. Employers should continue to stagger start times of employees who need to return to the workplace, and implement flexible working hours. Social gatherings at the workplace will not be allowed.

2. Your company is required to declare your onsite manpower details by logging in at the “Permissions and Manpower Declaration” link at make your declaration under the reference number starting with “MPsubmit-” after you log in with your SingPass.

3. The details that you are required to provide are: (i) the total number of employees required to work on-site (i.e. not working from home at all), and (ii) the maximum number of employees you will have on-site (i.e. at your business premises/workplace) at any point in time. Please note that the information should be submitted by 28 May 2021. Your company is also required to update this information whenever there are significant changes. You may wish to refer to the Manpower Declaration guide at If you do not have any manpower onsite, please click on “Declare 0” to declare your manpower onsite as 0.

4. As you continue to operate during this period, it is essential for your business to comply with the Requirements for Safe Management at Workplaces, and sector-specific requirements for your sector.

5. Your company must deploy the use of the TraceTogether mobile application or TraceTogether token scanning to log the SafeEntry check-in of all employees, associates, vendors, customers and other visitors entering your workplace premises, if it is listed amongst businesses or venues required to do so at

6. We appreciate your contributions in the national fight against COVID-19. Should you have questions on the submission requirements, please refer to the answers to frequently asked questions at


Thank you.

for Ministry of Trade and Industry