From 26 Jul 2021, all exporters of duty and GST-unpaid liquor and/or tobacco sea stores for consumption onboard a vessel by the crew and/or passengers outside Singapore waters must be registered with Singapore Customs before they can obtain an export permit via TradeNet.

Exporters may register via the “Application for Registration as an Exporter of Duty and GST-Unpaid Liquor and/or Tobacco Sea Stores” form, which is available on Singapore Customs website > E-Services > Customs Forms & Service Links > Registration Forms, starting from 22 Jun 2021. Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their registration in due course. Upon approval, the registration validity will be 3 years and it is subject to renewal.

To minimise disruptions to business operations and avoid delays in the approval of export permit applications for duty and GST-unpaid liquor and/or tobacco sea stores, you are strongly encouraged to submit your application for registration early, before the implementation date of 26 Jul 2021.