Estimated Chargeable Filing (ECI) is a compulsory filing requirement for companies unless the company qualifies for a waiver. There are advantages for companies that file their ECI earlier and within the qualifying period as they may opt to pay corporate taxes by instalments.
The benefits for filing ECI early are:
1) Instant acknowledgement upon successful e-filing of your ECI; and
2) A greater number of instalments to pay your company’s estimated corporate taxes.
To encourage earlier filing of ECI, ACRA will give companies more months of instalments the earlier they file. Thus the earlier the ECI is filed, the greater the number of instalments will be given for payment of corporate taxes. This will greatly help the company in its cash flow.

Chargeable IncomeIncome Tax Rate (%) Gross Tax Payable ($)
First $20,00000
Next $10,0002200
First $30,000-200
Next $10,0003.50350
First $40,000-550
Next $40,00072,800
First $80,000-3,350
Next $40,00011.54,600
First $120,000-7,950
Next $40,000156,000
First $160,000-13,950
Next $40,000187,200
First $200,000-21,150
Next $40,000197,600
First $240,000-28,750
Next $40,00019.57,800
First $280,000-36,550
Next $40,000208,000
First $320,000-44,550
In excess of $320,00022

Please note that the instalment payments are for companies with a valid GIRO arrangement with IRAS. If your company does not have a GIRO arrangement to pay your corporate taxes, you may apply for GIRO payment with ACRA here. You are encouraged to apply for GIRO at least 14 days before e-filing your company’s ECI.

When in doubt, seek legal advice or consult an experienced ACRA Filing Agent.

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