There are 4 main types of CPF contributions. Some are taxable and some are not.

  1. Compulsory CPF Contributions relating to employment in Singapore.
    [Not taxable]
    This refers to the CPF contributions that the employer will make to the employee’s CPF account when typically issuing monthly salary.

    Employee’s salary: $3000
    Employee’s age: below 55 years old
    Employer’s CPF contribution rate: 17%
    Employer needs to contribute $510
    This $510 is not taxable

  2. Voluntary CPF contribution relating to employment in Singapore, i.e. amount in excess of compulsory contributions to be made by the employer.
    This typically refers to the employer making voluntary contributions to the CPF member’s CPF account. This is on top of the compulsory contributions.
  3. Contributions made from 1 Jan 2004 relating to employment outside Singapore.
    [Not taxable]
    Foreign-sourced income
  4. Contributions relating to Director’s Fees

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