Hong Kong’s Top Talent Pass Scheme, introduced in late 2022, is a strategic initiative designed to attract highly skilled and talented professionals from around the world to work in Hong Kong. This scheme is part of broader efforts by the Hong Kong government to bolster the city’s status as a global hub in various high-priority sectors such as finance, innovation and technology, and the arts.

Eligibility Criteria: The Top Talent Pass Scheme targets two main groups:

  1. High-income earners: Individuals who have an annual income of approximately HKD 2.5 million (about USD 320,000) or more in the year before their application are eligible. This criterion aims to attract established professionals who are recognized in their fields.
  2. Graduates from top global universities: Recent graduates (within the last five years) from the world’s top 100 universities (as defined by specific global rankings) are also eligible to apply. This part of the scheme is designed to draw young, highly educated individuals at the beginning of their careers.

Features of the Scheme:

  • The Top Talent Pass allows eligible individuals to live and work in Hong Kong for up to two years without first securing an offer of employment.
  • After obtaining the pass, holders can enter Hong Kong to explore opportunities, and their spouses and dependent children are also permitted to join them.
  • The scheme provides a pathway for individuals to contribute to Hong Kong’s economy and potentially settle in the region if they transition to other types of visas or employment schemes that lead to permanent residency.

The introduction of the Top Talent Pass Scheme is part of a broader set of measures aimed at reversing the brain drain and demographic challenges Hong Kong has faced, including political unrest and the impacts of stringent COVID-19 policies. The scheme is seen as a crucial step in maintaining Hong Kong’s competitive edge by replenishing its workforce with high-caliber international talent.


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