Tell us a little bit about your company
Nimbus Design is a branding and design company, both online and offline. We also provide marketing. Our team has experience working in Singapore and USA.  Since our founding in 1999, we have established ourselves in F&B, retail, and heavy industry.
Tell us a little bit about yourself
We are perfectionists, striving to give our very best in whatever we do. Whatever is worth doing, is worth doing well and longterm. We need to see our clients succeed because their success is our success.
A well thought out branding strategy, good design, and solid marketing strategies can and must meet clients’ business needs. Our clients want their products/services to stand out. To be seen above the rest. To be remembered. And this is what we want from them.
Can you describe your products?
Whatever the message is, there needs to be a well-defined goal and appropriate story to support the goal and call to action.
We conceptualise and execute clients’ branding, design, and marketing needs. This encompasses such activities as corporate identity, Branding guide, Logo, Marketing & sales materials, brochures, magazines, calendars, diaries, annual reports, corporate events, CSR programmes, etc.

Can you describe your customers?
Our customers are business owners who appreciate and are serious about their brand’s success. As such, they also looking to grow and compete on a global scale.
They understand the need for good design and solid marketing strategies to be integral to their growth plan. At the same time, they are budget-conscious.

What is the future of your business?
To help each of our clients achieve their business goals. To be known for what we are good at and respected in our industry.
We have established our selves in F&B, retail, and heavy industry. We look forward to expanding our expertise and design sense to maritime, medical, and FinTech to name a few.
We are also looking to partner with incubators and coworking spaces to help support the fast growth expected of their clients.
Thank you for your time. How can people reach out to you?
They can contact us via our website:
Or they can WhatsApp Soo @ 9687 5558 or Chris @8282 3935.