Tell us a little bit about your company.
Stirling Steaks is my second outlet. We were previously located along Cheong Chin Nam Road opposite Beauty World. We were there for about 3 years and we just moved to 43 East Coast Road in October. We are famous for our charcoal grilled steaks. It takes a little longer to cook but it keeps the flavour of the steaks locked in. We believe that even though this method is much slower and more tedious as compared to cooking over a flame griller, it is the right way to cook a really good piece of steak.
Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I graduated from NTU with a 1st Class Honours Business Degree. I worked as a fund manager for a number of years before starting as an entrepreneur. I started Stirling Grill and Cheong Chin Nam and I started my own private equity fund.
Can you describe your products?
We have a small menu compared to other similar themed restaurants. We focus on our steaks. We have sirloin, ribeye, wagyu and our value flank steaks. Other customer favourites include Crispy King Salmon, Stirling Sliders and Grilled Watermelon. We also serve desserts and bar bites. We currently have Archipelago beer on tap as well as a wide range of craft beers. We serve good wines and cocktails as well!

Can you describe your customers?
Stirling Steaks is a place to have affordable charcoal grilled steaks at affordable prices. Therefore our clients are mainly people who live in the east who like steaks. We do have a strong following in the west as well, especially from our ex-customers at Cheong Chin Nam. We get a lot of customers online as well. They find us on our Facebook and Instagram pages.
What is the future of your business?
We are looking at expanding. We are usually fully booked on Fridays and weekends. We have had to turn away customers on numerous occasions. We hope to find another outlet along this same stretch. We love the east and envision us staying here for an extremely long time! F&B is my passion. I love seeing my customers having a great time at my restaurant.

Thank you for your time. How can people reach out to you?
Here are our details:
Stirling Steaks
Address: 43 East Coast Road Singapore 428764