The Singapore government supports companies in many ways. One key way is supporting companies in hiring, training and upskilling their employees. This is key because Singapore does not have any natural resources. Instead, the Singapore government looks to upskill the human capital in Singapore companies. This will aid Singapore companies to have an advantage over overseas companies as more highly skilled employees will invariably be more equipped for specific jobs. They will be more efficient and productive in the work that they do.


Here are some of the grants that are available to Singapore companies to hire, train and upskill their employees.

  1. SkillsFuture For Business
    SkillsFuture for Business in Singapore is a national initiative designed to help businesses invest in their employees’ skills development. It aims to foster a culture of lifelong learning and skills mastery within the workforce, enhancing Singapore’s economic competitiveness.
    You can access the SkillsFuture for Business page here:
  2. Absentee Payroll (AP) Funding
    This helps companies to defray some manpower costs when they send employees for training courses funded by SkillsFuture (SSG). It is capped at $100,000 per organisation annually.
  3. Career Trial
    This grant allows companies to assess a job applicant’s fit through a short-term trial before granting the applicant formal employment. The government will provide a training allowance to these job seekers for the trial period. The maximum trial period is 3 months.
  4.  Citirep+
    This grant helps organisations build their ICT skills for their workforce in areas such as cyber security, data analytics, network and infrastructure, and software development. The funding support for this grant is up to 90%.
  5. Company-Led Training (CLT) Programme
    This grant accelerates professional development through on-the-job training programmes for fresh to mid-level professionals. This is to allow these professionals to acquire the relevant competencies for jobs in demand by industry. This is especially for the Digital Economy sector.
  6. Employment Support for Ex-Offenders
    This programme supports companies hiring ex-offenders.
  7. Employment Support for Persons with Disabilities
    This programme supports companies hiring, training and integrating Persons with Disabilities into the workforce. The companies can receive fee subsidies of up to 90% for SG Enable’s list of training courses.
  8. Enabling Employment Credit
    This grant provides wage offsets to employers hiring Persons with Disabilities.
  9. Enhanced Training Support for SMEs (ETSS)
    Small and Medium Enterprises will receive up to 90% of course fee subsidies for employer-sponsored training under selected SSG-supported courses. The SME status of the company is derived automatically from government data. Therefore, there is no application required.
  10. Part-Time Re-employment Grant (PTRG)
    This grant provides up to $125,000 to employers who offer part time re-employment, flexible work arrangements (FWAs) and structured career planning (SCP) to senior workers who request for it.
  11. Progressive Wage Credit Scheme
    This scheme provides transitional support to employers for Progressive Wage moves. The government will co-fund the wage increases of lower wage workers between 2022 and 2026.
  12. Senior Employment Credit
    There is no application required for this. This grant provides wage offsets to employers who employ workers aged 55 and above to adjust to the higher Retirement Age and Re-employment Age.
  13. SkillsFuture Work-Study Programmes (WSPs)
    This programme allows businesses to groom and hire fress talent through Work-Study Programmes. These programmes span across Certificate, Diploma, Post-Diploma and Degree levels. These businesses jointly deliver and design the programmes with Institutes of Higher Learning and appointed private providers.
  14. Uplifting Employment Credit
    This grant provides wage offset to employers hiring ex-offenders.


If you need further advice on how your company can apply for these grants, you can email [email protected] to set up a free consultation with a certified consultant.


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