Every year, the finance minister will lay out plans to help businesses during his budget speech. As Singapore moves out of the pandemic phase of dealing with Covid-19 to treating the virus as endemic, businesses should start to pick up. However, there will still be some segments of the economy that are still reeling from the pandemic and the government has catered for these segments in Budget 2022. Also, there will be some segments whereby growth is to be encouraged and these will also be reflected in Budget 2022. Here is a brief overview of the schemes that are available to businesses.


Business Capabilities:

  • [NEW] Food Services and Retail Business Revitalisation Package
  • [ENHANCED] Our Heartlands 2025 Programme
  • [NEW] Singapore Global Enterprise (SGE) Initiative
  • [NEW] Trade 2030 Strategy
  • [NEW] Trade Associations and Chambers (TACs) Partnerships


Human Capital:

  • [ENHANCED] Skills Future Enterprise Credit (SFEC)



  • [ENHANCED] Innovation Centres in Polytechnics and ITEs


Loans and Financing:

  • [ENHANCED] Enterprise Financing Scheme – Merger & Acquisitions (M&A)
  • [ENHANCED] Enterprise Financing Scheme – Project Loan
  • [ENHANCED] Enterprise Financing Scheme – Trade Loan
  • [ENHANCED] Temporary Bridging Loan Programme



  • Enterprise Sustainability Programme (ESP)


Support for Business Recovery:

  • Small Business Recovery Grant


We will be going through some of these schemes in subsequent articles as well as on our YouTube channel.

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