If a customer in Singapore does not pay for agreed services, you may consider the following options:

  1. Negotiate payment: Try to reach a mutually agreed solution with the customer, such as a payment plan. It would be wise to try to reach a mutual agreement and settle it privately. This is so that the customer relationship is well managed. Do take note that certain customers may not actually want to pay for the services and resort to delay tactics. It is key for the management or accounts team to be able to decipher from a client who genuinely is trying to pay and one who is not.
  2. Send a demand letter: If negotiations fail, send a demand letter outlining the details of the debt and requesting payment. This would involve a letter from a lawyer and there will be costs involved. Therefore you will need to weigh whether the benefits outweigh the cost.
  3. Take legal action: If the customer still does not pay, consider taking legal action by engaging a lawyer to file a claim in the Small Claims Tribunal or the State Courts of Singapore.Here is the link to filing a small claim with the Small Claims Tribunals: https://www.judiciary.gov.sg/civil/file-small-claim

It is always recommended that you seek the appropriate legal advice when commencing any course of action.