How to set up a Social Enterprise in Singapore?

A Social Enterprise is a typical company. It is basically a normal, typical company which is profit driven and the incorporation process is basically the same as starting a new company because a starting a Social Enterprise is starting a normal, typical company. There is no special SSIC code which companies must place on their [...]

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Steps to incorporate a Singapore Company

Here are the steps to incorporating a Singapore Company. It will take approximately 1 to 2 days to incorporate a Singapore Company. If you are a Singaporean or Singapore Permanent Resident who is living in Singapore and will be the sole director and shareholder of the proposed Singapore Company, the timeframe to incorporate can be [...]

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The difference between a Private Company and an Exempt Private Company

The most typical company that is incorporated is Private Company limited by Shares. There are, however, two different types of Private Company limited by Shares, namely a Private Company and an Exempt Private Company. Exempt Private Company limited by Shares An Exempt Private Company limited by Shares is a private company which has at most [...]

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How to select the right nominee director for your company

Some businesses may require a nominee director for a variety of reasons. For foreign-owned companies, they may require a nominee director to fulfil statutory requirements of having one local resident director. Some individuals may be employed in certain companies that prohibit them from being a director in another company. These individuals may want to set [...]

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Common Tax Reliefs that will help to reduce the tax bill for New Start-Up Companies

The Singapore government has always been supportive of start-up companies and has many schemes to support entrepreneurship. One of the ways which they have been assisting new start-up companies is by providing tax reliefs. Let us focus on Year of Assessment 2019 and 2020. Year of Assessment 2019 (YA 2019) This is for financial years [...]

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