How will I know the status of a company?

To check the status of a Singapore company, you can use the online services provided by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), the government agency responsible for regulating business entities in Singapore. ACRA offers a user-friendly online portal where you can access various information about companies registered in Singapore. Here's how you can do [...]

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What makes a company part of a group?

In the realm of business, a parent company refers to a corporate entity that possesses or exercises control over one or more other companies, typically by owning more than 50% of their voting rights. A subsidiary, on the other hand, denotes a company that is controlled by another company, usually through ownership of over 50% [...]

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What is the minimum age for a shareholder?

In accordance with Singapore legislation, every incorporated company must have at least one shareholder. A shareholder is an individual or legal entity that holds ownership stake in the company. It is not mandatory for a shareholder to be a natural person; it can also be a legal entity. The fundamental requirement is that the shareholder, [...]

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Is it possible for an individual to be both a director and a shareholder of a company?

Directors and shareholders serve as crucial participants within the structure of a company, exerting influence and shaping its decisions. They each have distinct responsibilities and fulfil separate functions. However, is it feasible for an individual to assume both the roles of a director and a shareholder? That's an excellent question! Let's delve deeper into this [...]

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Should I join the Singapore Peppol e-invoicing scheme?

If you are a business operating in Singapore, joining the Singapore Peppol e-invoicing scheme can be a beneficial step. Here are some reasons why: Faster and more efficient invoicing: By using e-invoicing, you can send and receive invoices in a matter of seconds, reducing processing times and improving cash flow. Lower administrative costs: E-invoicing eliminates [...]

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What is a tax haven?

A tax haven is a country or jurisdiction that offers individuals and businesses little or no tax liability, usually through the implementation of favourable tax policies, such as low or no tax rates, lax financial regulations, and strict secrecy laws. These jurisdictions may also offer other advantages, such as political and economic stability, ease of [...]

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