Should I register a private limited as a freelancer?

Freelancers typically do not have a company under their name. We are assuming that the person who sent us this question does not have one under her name. This person has been a freelancer for a couple of years and is contemplating setting up a private limited as she wants to get involved in larger [...]

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I would like to have a Singapore company with a local bank account to do business. What are my options?

Singapore is a great place to do business. It is a very open economy and foreigners are free to fully own a Singapore company. i.e. own 100% of the shares of a Singapore company. The requirement is that there needs to be a local resident director in the company. Local resident director would also include [...]

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How to protect my rights if I have a nominee shareholder?

There may be instances whereby some shareholders may want to get someone to hold their shares of the company on their behalf. The person nominated is said to be holding the shares in trust and is called a nominee shareholder. The person who nominated the nominee is called the beneficial owner. For example, John asks [...]

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I want to remove a director from the company due to his breach of director’s duties. How do I do it?

This question is in response to a question posted. We are assuming that the question is in relation to a private company. The company may wish to remove the director from the company's board due to the following reasons: Poor personal conduct A breach of the director's duties Poor performance Thus if the director did [...]

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How can the Enterprise Development Grant help my company?

The Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) was created to help Singapore companies grow and transform. The grant supports projects that will help companies upgrade their business, innovate or venture overseas. To be eligible for the Enterprise Development Grant, a company needs to: Be a registered business entity in Singapore and be operating Have a minimum of [...]

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What records do I need to keep for my Singapore company?

In Singapore, it is compulsory for companies to keep proper records of all business transactions. The records are needed to explain the financial position and transactions of the company and to ensure that the financial statements prepared are true and fair. You will also need the records to ensure that your company complies with its [...]

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Who needs to file corporate tax for YA 2020?

The corporate tax filing deadline is upon us. The deadline to file corporate tax for the Year of Assessment 2020 (YA2020) is 15th of December 2020.  There is no hardcopy filing and all corporate taxes are to be e-filed. Do not confuse the corporate tax filing season which occurs at the end of every year [...]

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What happens if a company fails to file its Annual Returns?

Based on Section 197 of the Companies Act, all companies are required to file their annual returns on time. If the annual returns are filed late, a $300 late lodgement fee will be imposed by the registrar against the company for annual returns filed after the deadline. This $300 late lodgement fee will be imposed [...]

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Can a company loan money to its directors or shareholders?

If a director or shareholder would like to loan money from the company, there are certain restrictions and procedures to be adhered to. It is generally not permitted for a director to loan money from the company except in certain circumstances. It is possible for shareholders to loan money from the company.   Loans to [...]

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What are the consequences for late filing or non filing of Corporate Income Tax Returns?

The corporate tax filing deadline is different from the personal income tax filing deadline. The corporate tax filing deadline for Year of Assessment (YA) 2020 is 15th December and the deadline for YA2021 onwards is 30th November. Do note that dormant companies are required to file their Corporate Income Tax Returns unless it has been [...]

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