How much paid up capital should i put into my Singapore company?

The amount of paid-up capital you should put into your Singapore company depends on various factors such as your business needs, industry requirements, and future expansion plans. In Singapore, there is no minimum requirement for paid-up capital to incorporate a company. However, it's essential to consider the following points when determining the appropriate amount of [...]

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What are the benefits to setting up a special purpose vehicle (SPV) in Singapore?

Setting up a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) in Singapore can offer several benefits: Tax Efficiency: Singapore has a favourable tax regime for businesses. Income generated by an SPV may be subject to lower tax rates or may even be exempt from certain taxes, especially if the SPV is used for specific purposes like holding investments [...]

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What documents are required when incorporating your company

Different legal documents should be prepared based on the type of business structure you decide on for your business. If you decide on incorporating a company, these are the legal documents you should have. Company Constitution Shareholders' Agreement   Company Constitution This document is a legal document between the company and all of its shareholders. [...]

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What businesses can foreigners on certain passes in Singapore start?

Singapore generally allows foreigners to start businesses in Singapore. However, foreigners on certain passes may be restricted from starting or managing their business based on restrictions placed on that pass. Most pass holders are not allowed to manage their businesses in Singapore. This means that they are not allowed to register sole proprietorships or partnerships. [...]

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What you need to know about setting up an offshore Singapore company

Establishing a Singapore offshore company involves registering and operating a business from a location separate from its primary stakeholders and operations. In essence, the company is a local Singapore company and its ownership, management and control may be outside of Singapore. The appeal of Singapore for entrepreneurs and investors is rooted in the diverse advantages [...]

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A company’s fiscal year. What you need to know.

A company's fiscal year refers to a company's financial period. Typically, in almost all scenarios, this would be a 12-month period. The most common fiscal year would be the calendar year (i.e. 1st January to 31st December). However, companies are accorded flexibility in selecting their fiscal year. There may be a multitude of considerations. A [...]

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The concept of a holding company and the requirements for one setting up

A holding company is a legal entity that owns and controls other companies, with the primary operational activities carried out by its subsidiary companies. It is established to mitigate risks for the owners, as their liabilities are limited to the shares or assets associated with the subsidiary held by the holding company. The use of [...]

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What is bootstrapping?

Bootstrapping a business means starting and running a business using one's own resources without external funding or significant debt. In other words, it refers to building a business from scratch by relying on personal savings, revenue generated by the business, and other non-traditional funding sources. The concept of bootstrapping in business has gained popularity in [...]

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Starting an Import / Export Business in Singapore

For a start, you will need to know that there are two types of goods. Controlled goods and non-controlled goods. If you intend to bring goods from abroad to sell in Singapore, you must obtain import permits and licenses for "controlled goods." First, ensure that your business is registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory [...]

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