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As a general guide, CPF contributions are required for full-time, part-time, casual and temporary employees who are:

  1. Singapore citizens or permanent residents
  2. Engaged under a contract of service (i.e. an employment contract as opposed to a contract for service)
  3. Earning more than $50 a month


For Singapore Citizens


These employees contribute up to 20% of their salary to their CPF accounts and they receive up to 17% of their salaries as contributions from their employers. The amounts vary depending on an employee’s age. The amount of salary that attracts CPF contribution is capped at the first $6,000 of the employee’s monthly salary.

The employers are responsible for paying both the employee’s and employer’s CPF contributions. The deadline for the employer to contribute CPF is on the 14th of the following month. If the employer is late in paying the employee’s CPF, late payment interest is charged at 18% per annum (i.e. 1.5% per month).

From the 1st of January 2022, employers will have to make higher CPF contribution rates for older employees. Older employees will also have to make more employee CPF contributions. The CPF Offset Transition Package will help employers offset half of their additional costs.


The variable factors that determine the contribution rates are:

  1. Whether the employee is above the age of 55
  2. Whether the employee is earning $750 and above per month.


This table is for employees earning $750 and above per month


Age of employeeEmployee's CPF contribution (%)Employer's CPF contribution (%)Total CPF contribution
55 and below172037
Above 55 to 601414 28
Above 60 to 65108.518.5
Above 65 to 708614
Above 707.55 12.5


This table is for employees earning less than $750 per month


Age of employeeMonthly salaryEmployee's CPF contribution Employers's CPF contribution (%)
55 and belowmore then $50 up to $500Nil17
55 and belowmore than $500 up to $7500.6 x (Monthly salary - $500)17
Above 55 to 60more then $50 up to $500Nil14
Above 55 to 60more than $500 up to $7500.42 x (Monthly salary - $500)14
Above 60 to 65more then $50 up to $500Nil10
Above 60 to 65more than $500 up to $7500.255 x (Monthly salary - $500)10
Above 65 to 70more then $50 up to $500Nil8
Above 65 to 70more than $500 up to $7500.18 x (Monthly salary - $500)8
Above 70more then $50 up to $500Nil7.5
Above 70more than $500 up to $7500.15 x (Monthly salary - $500)7.5


The employer’s CPF contribution remains the same throughout. It is the employee’s CPF contribution that differs. Those who earn less than $500 will not need to make employee contributions.


Additional Wages

Additional Wages are payments on top of the employee’s monthly salary like bonuses or leave pay. Employees and employers are subject to CPF contributions subject to the cap on Additional Wages.

Cap on Additional Wages = $102,000 – Ordinary Wages subject to CPF contributions for the year.



For Permanent Residents


CPF contributions for employees who are PRs differ from that of Singaporeans for the first two years when the employee obtains his or her PR status. After which the contribution rates are the same as that of Singaporeans. There are no higher contribution rates for PR employees who are aged 65 and above.


This table is for employees who are 1st and 2nd year PRs earning $750 and above per month


Age of PR EmployeePR StatusEmployee's contribution (%)Employer's contribution (%)
55 and below1st-year PR54
55 and below2nd-year PR159
Above 55 to 601st-year PR54
Above 55 to 602nd-year PR12.56
Above 60 to 651st-year PR53.5
Above 60 to 652nd-year PR7.53.5
Above 65 to 701st-year PR53.5
Above 65 to 702nd-year PR53.5
Above 701st-year PR53.5
Above 702nd-year PR53.5



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