Very often people do get confused by social enterprises and charities. Even though they may seem similar in nature, there are clear and obvious distinctions. For a non-profit organisation to be called a charity, it has to apply for charity status. For the sake of this article, we will use charity and non-profit organisations to refer to one group as a whole which encompasses both charities and non-profit organisations.


Company type:

A social enterprise is a typical company. Thus it would be either an Exempt Private Company Limited by Shares or a Private Company Limited by Shares.

A charity is a non-profit organisation. The usual company type would be Public Company Limited by Guarantee.

A social enterprise has a share capital structure and the debts and liabilities of the company are separate from the assets and liabilities of its shareholders or officers. A charity or non-profit organisation which is a Public Company Limited by Guarantee does not have a share capital and thus does not have shareholders. Instead, it has members who guarantee a certain amount to the debts of the company. This guarantee is usually set at SGD$1.


Private and Public:

Only a company with a share structure can be a private company. A social enterprise can be a private company whereas a charity or non-profit organisation is a public company. Because of its public company status, it will be subject to the relevant audit requirements.



A social enterprise uses the revenue it generates from its business to fund its activities. A charity or non-profit organisation relies on external funding in the form of donations to fund its activities.



Both social enterprises and non-profit organisations, being both typical companies, are still subject to corporate taxes in Singapore. However, if a non-profit organisation obtains charity status, it will be granted full tax exemption.


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When in doubt, seek legal advice or consult an experienced ACRA Filing Agent.

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