Living in Singapore does have its perks and there are many people who want to come to Singapore and apply for Singapore permanent residency and even eventually obtain Singapore citizenship.

Singapore has very low taxes, it is one of the safest places to live in the world, it is a country with a very high quality of life with sunny weather all year round, it has excellent medical and health care and is one of the easiest places to do business.

Here are some of the factors the relevant authorities will look at when it comes to approving someones Singapore permanent resident (PR) application.

  • Age: Younger candidates stand a better chance
  • Education level: More educated candidates stand a better chance
  • Industry: Applicants from industries that Singapore is trying to expand will stand a better chance.
  • Time spent in Singapore: Whether the applicant has been living and working in Singapore
  • Ability to assimilate into the Singapore society
  • Whether the applicant is applying as a family
  • Ability to contribute to Singapore’s economy especially in jobs creation for Singapore residents

If you are thinking of starting a company in Singapore with the eventual goal of working and living in Singapore with the intention of getting a Singapore PR, that is one of the contributing factors. Your company should be in one of the desired industries and also create jobs within Singapore. This will put you in a better position when you eventually apply for a Singapore PR. Before you apply for a Singapore PR, you should be already living and working in Singapore and to do so as a foreigner, you will need an Employment Pass (EP).

Our firm does hold an employment agency licence and we can assist in the Employment Pass or EP application. We will also assist clients who are looking to apply to become a Singapore PR.


When in doubt, seek legal advice or consult an experienced ACRA Filing Agent.

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