Can I set up a company in Singapore and apply for a valid work pass?

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The short answer to this question would be yes. However, there are a few qualifiers and you should read further into this article to better understand what they are.


There are many who would like to come to Singapore to work. Most would want to find a job in a reputable company and the company would then apply for a valid work pass for them. There are some who would like to start a business in Singapore and then apply for a valid work pass. In this instance, our advice to them would be to start a private limited company and then apply for a valid work pass to work as the director of the company.


Step 1: Incorporate a Singapore registered company

For this, you can approach a registered filing agent to register your company. There are certain criteria to be fulfilled and these will be addressed by an experienced registered filing agent.


Step 2: Apply for a valid work pass

There are instances where you could apply for a work pass before incorporating a company. However, the typical route would be to apply for one after the company has been set up. The rationale for this would be that the company’s name would be on the work pass application and without a live company, this could not happen. Also, for most cases, the valid work pass to apply would be the Employment Pass (EP). This is because the EP is the pass that does not require the company to hire a certain number of locals before applying for it. However, application for the EP would require the candidate to be well qualified.


The typical question would be whether this route guarantees the person a work pass to work and live in Singapore. The short answer is no. There is no employment agency that can guarantee that an individual will receive a valid work pass. The authorities will assess things like the viability of the company. The company can be new but is it a true company with business activities or is it one set up for the some purpose of obtaining a work pass for the candidate. If the company is a valid company and the candidate fulfils the criteria for the various passes, they stand a decent chance of obtaining a valid work pass like the EP.


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